A little about us & our family!

We are just that... a real family, not a business



If I didn't have my dogs...

I could walk around my yard barefoot in safety ~  My home could have carpets instead of all tile and laminate  ~  When the doorbell rings it wouldn't sound like a kennel  ~  I wouldn't need to dust my home twice a day ~ Have to wade through fur bodies trying to beat everyone else to the door, and always feel defeated  ~ I would have the money and no guilt to go on a real vacation of more than a few hours  ~ I would not be on a first name basis with half the vets in town  ~  My most used words in the English vocabulary would not be = out, sit, no, down, and quiet!  ~ My home would not be cordoned off with baby gates ~ my slippers would always be where I left them  ~  My house would not look like a day care center with all these toys, doggy beds and blankies ~ I could for once stretch out in my bed or on the couch and worry about my own comfort ~ I wouldn't have to spell the words TREAT-CAR RIDE-WALK-COOKIE ever again  ~  I wouldn't have as many leaves inside my house as I do outside ~ ...And I would never have to answer the question so many people ask "why do you have so many animals?"  From the people that will never feel the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I get, from creatures as near to an ANGEL as one can ever get!

HOW EMPTY MY LIFE WOULD BE if I didn't have my dogs!   


We live in a modest comfortable country setting near town, with all of our adorable little doggies, and Chi-Chi our chinchilla.

Our fur babies live with us in our home, and their babies are raised under foot among the rest of our household. No one is caged or kenneled, unless due to an injury/illness, or when keeping a males from females in heat. Otherwise all adults run free, and have full run of our home. Yes, our doggies even take turns sleeping with me & coming for car rides too. We have our nightly cuddle routines, and lots of one on one interaction daily. Our doggies are first & foremost adored family members.

You'll find every room in our home, is filled with doggie beds, and toys. We are not full time breeders, there for only breed our girls once a year, or every other season. We produce an average of 3 - 5 litters each year only.

I am at home with our fur babies nearly 24/7, and absolutely love each and every moment I spend with them. The babies are treated like a part of our family. They are lovingly  handled periodically all day long, from the moment they are born. Once they begin walking, we can be found playing on the floor with them daily. Cuddling, and giving them tons of affection is our nightly ritual. Although most of the work is done by myself, our entire family is involved in keeping things running smoothly for Mom. However extra special thanks goes out to my Daughters, and to Wade for being such wonderful, loving & caring man. He tries to devote as much of his time with our fur babies as I do. It is because of our family effort, that the babies go to their new homes pre-spoiled, well socialized, and already learning many of the basic commands.

Your baby is being taught to use pee-pads from the age of 3 weeks. They learn to avoid feet (being stepped on), how to sit, the word no, and how to play with-out biting or scratching.We discourage other bad habits as well, such as chewing, and barking. So that your puppy comes to you, with initial training already established.    

Puppy kisses are of course always encouraged. :-)

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