We currently have "0"  Shorkie puppy  (F2)  available!

Please see our Nursery page, for more information, and photo's of this litter, or click link above.

(please see bottom of this page,  for a list of what is included with your puppy)


Feel free to contact us, if you don't see any babies left available.


...to our Nikita & Romeo on their new litter of 3 adorable Yoshi puppies - Born June 12th, 2018!

The babies are ready to leave us  ~ after August 24th.

2 Girls & 1 Boy!

All puppies now have their new homes!

** please see link to more baby pictures below...


...and also thank you to all of our previous puppy families, from our family to yours!!




Visits can be scheduled... for after puppies have been cleared by our Vet as healthy, and received their first vaccinations.


                                                              Puppy #1   ~    Baby GIRL  
                                                                  " ADOPTED! "

Congratulations to Gina & Victor! :) 

 2 photo's above taken at 5.5 wks.  

 photo's above taken on Aug 20th, at 9 wks.  
                           Birth weight  -  4.9 oz                   Current weight at 8 wks  -  25 oz  (1 lb  9 oz)                Current expected adult size  -   4.5 lbs.


  Puppy #2   ~    Baby BOY  



          "Adopted!"         CONGRATULATIONS to...                           Jeanne! :)

                             Birth Weight  -  5.5 oz     ~      Current weight at 8 wks  - 33 oz   (2 lb  1 oz)      ~      Current expected adult size  - 6  lbs  

  Puppy #3   ~    Baby GIRL  


               "Adopted!"                      CONGRATULATIONS to...                                Cathy! :)

                                          Birth Weight  -  5.4 oz    ~     Current weight at 8 wks  -  26 oz   (1 lb  10 oz)     ~     Current expected adult size - 4.5 - 5  lbs.



What are F1 or F2 Breeding ?   These are genetic terms used by breeders, to determine & control the purity of lines. 

There are many different ways to breed a Shorkie, and here we explain the differences for you :

F1 -or -First generation Shorkie =  Shih-Tzu mom and Yorkie dad, or the reverse.

F1b -or -Second generation = Shorkie bred to pure Yorkie or Shih-Tzu.  *when bred to Yorkie, pups also recognized as... Yoshi - Yo-Shi or Yoshie.

F1c = F1b Shorkie (Yoshi) bred back to pure Yorkie or Shih-Tzu.  ~ These pups are nearing pure Yorkie now. Only 1/16 of Shih-Tzu lines remain.

F2 - Shorkie to Shorkie



What comes with, and is included with your puppy?

Your puppy comes to you pre-spoiled, with lots of socialization & nearly completely pee-pad trained; rarely having accidents... most don't at all.        We also include a complimentary puppy pack containing nearly all that is needed for your puppy's first few days. (a container of puppy's food, pee-pads, blankie, toys, vet records etc)

All puppies are completely Vet examined, given first vaccinations, had 3 rounds of dewormings... as well as nails & foot hair trimmed prior to leaving.

                                                       To ensure the health, and safety of everyone in our home, visits can be scheduled...                                                      ~ for after puppies have been cleared by our Vet, as healthy, and received their first vaccinations.

No puppies will leave prior to 10 weeks of age, under any circumstances!

In some situations we may feel the puppy needs to remain for as long as 12+ weeks. We apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience.


Please see up coming litters or nursery page to find out when our next expected litter's are to arrive, as well as when more babies might be available!