I have been breeding my pets, and animals over all, for nearly 25 years.


Fish : My first breeding experiences, were with fish, for our local pet store.  I bred guppy's mainly, but I worked my way up to several fancier breeds as well, including brackish water fish. It was my job, to provide the store with their stocks, for nearly 3 yrs in the early 90's.

Bunnies : After moving to our first farm, my girls were excited to get a real bunny for Easter. We got a miniature lop for one, and an angora for my other Daughter. Not realizing we had one of each gender, we soon had baby bunny's too. Before I knew it, we were breeding for pure bred bunnies, and selling them to the locals, and neighborhood children for their 4H projects.

Poultry :

What started all of this interest in animals, and breeding?

Growing up, my Mother wasn't fond of our little furry friends. I on the other hand, couldn't imagine not being surrounded by them.  Consequently, I would bring home nearly any creature I found. From bee's, and snakes; to cat's, and dogs. They rarely lasted long, and were always destined to go to the same farm. That farm, that only my Parents knew the location of. It would break my heart each time, coming home to an empty room again. It never stopped me from trying again though, always hoping they'd one day see what I did. Maybe they'll love this one too much, to send it to the farm?  It wasn't until I was an older teen, that I realized that the farm didn't really exist. Most of my wild pets were set free, and the others either went to friends, or the shelter. No one else in my family seemed to have this love, that I did for animals. My entire childhood was about animals, and wild life.   It was when I saw my first Yorkshire Terrier at 9 yrs old, that I made a promise to myself. That I would one day, have one of those dogs for my very own. Even back then, they were a very fancy breed, and quite costly too. The day finally came, when a little rescue named Gizmo entered my life. She was a Yorkie crossed with who knows? ...but I adored her, like she was my own child. She came sailing, and traveled everywhere with us.

I was also a volunteer rescuer for the SPCA, and cared for the new born kittens.

  • The first dog; was a neighbors dog. I helped her Sheep dog with whelping, and caring for her 13 puppies. That was 1988.
  • The next was my own rescue dog. Gizmo came to me in 1997 already pregnant, as just a tiny 4 lb Yorkie cross. We did a fine job of delivering her 4 puppy's.
I truly got into breeding once we moved to a huge farm. I began boarding horses, breeding rabbits, and Wolf cross Malamute hybrids. I owned 7 adults at one time. This was something I needed to try. To see if this child hood dream of breeding, was truly my calling.
Then fancy poultry became my passion.  It all started simple enough. I built my own incubator, to help out a neighbor. Then began hatching other neighbors chickens eggs for them as well. In return, I would keep half of the chicks for myself. Some of the chickens looked like none I had ever seen before. Some were so colorful, others fluffy like pom poms, and all were so friendly! ...before I knew it, I was hooked.
The next 10 years were spent researching genetics, breeding birds for showing, and learning everything imaginable about these fancy birds. I became the largest specialty breeding hatchery on Vancouver Island. "Fancy Feathers Poultry" My birds were prized. Winning many of the shows, and I was hatching an average of 400 chicks for month for the other breeders. I was still breeding my hybrid dogs on the side as well. During puppy season, I missed many of the bird shows. This is when I concluded, dogs were always my true dream... and I needed to lean more toward that direction. I also realized, that I had learned so much about genetics, I could now put all of this knowledge to use with breeding my dogs as well.
I spent nearly two years researching hypoallergenic breeds, their genetic make up, breed histories, and what their show standards are. I was like a sponge, learning everything I could. From the mating process, to whelping, and even tube feeding new born pups. I found myself a mentor, and I had decided on the 3 breeds my heart was set on. In the meantime, I met a lady who owned the most adorable little male Yorkie named Tucker.
Shortly after, I gave away, and sold all of my precious fancy poultry, and I was nearly ready to adopt my first Yorkie. I had just begun searching for a breeder, when my family surprised me one day with a baby Maltese. They knew this was one of the 3 breeds I had chosen, and she was perfect. Only a few months later, I happened upon an ad for the prettiest Shih Tzu I'd ever seen before. I found out her history, met with the lady... and brought home a beautiful gold brindle 5 month old baby girl. When she was ready to breed, I began searching for a male Yorkie. They were so expensive though, I began with finding, and paying for stud services. I was set on creating my fist litter of Shorkie, but after paying more than enough to purchase my own male... I'd still not had a litter. The lady I had met less than a year ago, happened along to purchase some of my birds, with her little Yorkie Tucker. My Shih-Tzu was Abby was in season at the time, so Tucker spent 3 days with us. The pair unfortunately didn't mate, but I was in love. Not long after, the woman contacted me to adopt Tucker to be my own. She said she'd never seen him bond with anyone like me before, and he whined all the way back home. We now had Shylah, Tucker & Abby... creating the most adorable Morkie & Shorkie pups ever seen. I would be the first in our area of Canada, to breed these adorable crosses. It wasn't long after our first 2 litters, that I adopted our very first Yorkie baby, named Lilly. Then we found our adorable baby Tinkerbella, as a 3 month old being shipped in from the U.S. The lady had already paid, but hadn't discussed it with her landlord. We adopted Tinkers, only days after her arrival to Canada. With each litter of puppies, I set aside any profit at all, as well as any extra money I could, simply to pay for the next litter. My only goal to begin with, was to