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 Litter box training

To start your litter box training, your puppy should by now, be fully pee-pad trained. (Please refer to Pee-pad training page) Training should be done in a gradual manner & will take approximately 1-3 weeks to complete. To start training your puppy for a litter box you will need a few simple supplies.

-one tray aprox 18 X 30 inches with a one inch high lip

-another tray aprox the same size with two inch high lip

-final tray being cat litter box size with 4-6 inch high sides

-pee-pads & of course litter for the pan (cat litter or stove pellets both work)


For the shorter sided pans, a tote lid or a large cookie baking sheet work great!

Begin by placing a slightly used pee-pad in the shortest sided pan in the exact spot pee-pad was prior. Wait & watch that puppy uses the pad, and then change the old for a fresh pad. This is meant to establish he knows where to go. Continue only using pee-pads in the pan for a couple of days. Once you are sure puppy is confident enough to use the pee-pad inside the pan, start by laying a very small amount of pellets or litter (1 cup) on top of the pad on one side only. He may play with it a little... that’s fine, as long as he's continuing to do his business on it.  Give him a couple of days to get used to the litter being on his pad, and then gradually... a cup at a time per day, increase the amount of litter until it mostly covers the pad. 

Once your sure puppy is fine with doing his business on the litter, its time to move to the next sized pan. Continue to use a pad on the bottom for another day or two (they have a natural scent on them to attract puppy). After we are sure puppy is ok with the new taller pan, begin increasing the amount of litter... again, one cup a day.  After 3-4 days have gone by with puppy using his new pan & letter with out hesitation, its time to move up to a full pan & completely remove pee-pads.

If puppy has accidents, or is leery of using his pan reverse the procedure back to where he was using it fine, and begin again.

A handy trick is to pick up any accidents baby makes and place them directly into the pan... he will recognise the scent & try to continue going on the same spot.

Please take note that this is a gradual procedure & may at times take longer than expected. Puppies learn at different paces, just like our human children do. Please remember to be very patient and give loads of praise when puppy does well.

Congratulations on your now litter box trained doggie!