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Please Note:   Although we would love to keep all of our retired Momma's, sometimes... we feel they'd be happier in a home of their very own.
                     Where they don't have to share everything, including their humans. Ultimately, we are wiling to sacrifice our own happiness, for theirs.
Purebred Yorkshire Terrier
 * 6 1/2 pounds
DOB : Oct 15, 2007
Age - 9 yrs

No children
Will chase cats, only if they run

                  - January 2017
                            NO LONGER AVAILABLE   Tinkerbell is our double registered (AKC & CKC) purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Please don't let her age fool or discourage you. She is a high energy, very active, playful, and fun loving girl... with many great years left to offer. Tinkers is always up for a game of fetch, and would rather run, than walk anywhere. She's a very loyal girl, but that won't stop her from saying hello to anyone willing to say hi back. She is very polite, and always respectful of her humans. She listens very well, but like any dog... she can be easily distracted. She's happy to play with dogs of any size, and nearly always prefers to be the submissive. She is well behaved, very quiet, and loves car rides. Although she is not very keen on being a lap warmer, she's always happy to cuddle up beside you. Tinker's is carrier trained, and content to be in one, but she prefers to sleep at our feet on the bed. Although she loves the thrill of chasing smaller animals, she'll stop as soon as they do. (won't try to catch them) Tink knows most basic commands, and does aim to please. She does well on a leash, although she is eager to explore as you go. She's not been raised around children, and would prefer a home with out them. Although she is both pee pad, and outdoor trained... she has never learned to announce her needs. Something I am sure she could easily learn. We would prefer a more active single or couple for Tink, since she is most happy exploring, and going on fun adventures. She is, and has always been a very healthy girl. Tinkers had 5 adorable litters for us, and is of course now spayed. She is up to date with everything, including teeth and vaccinations.         

Purebred Shih-Tzu
 * 5.9 pounds
DOB :  Aug 29, 2009
Age - 6  1/2  yrs

No children
Will chase cats
     NO LONGER AVAILABLE Oreo is a CKC registered purebred, and what breeders consider... an Imperial Shih-Tzu. (extra small for breed)                   She's a very sweet little girl, with an extremely loving, and sometimes silly personality. She's a very sociable girl, and loves to meet new people. However, Oreo is not fond of children, or sharing her humans with other pets. She loves to curl up on the sofa, and can nearly always be found nestling herself into the blankets. Although she will go outside, she prefers to use her pee pad... and is quite content with being an inside only doggy. Perfect for condo, or apartment dwellers. Oreo is very loyal, and has that typical royal Shih-Tzu (princess) attitude. She enjoys getting your full attention, and offers gentle little kisses in return. Oreo had 3 small litters, of absolutely adorable Shorkie puppy's for us, prior to being retired.
She was recently spayed; had her dental work completed; her vaccinations updated; and she is of course... a very healthy little girl.
Since Oreo isn't happy when left for long periods (calls out for you) we would ultimately prefer a single semi retired person, that will be home most of the time for her. Or someone willing to take her to work with them.