These are our beautiful little ladies!



Saphire                 ~ Yorkshire Terrier ~    5 lbs 3 oz

   Saphire is not registered, but comes from our own Registered lines. She is one of the quietest, and sweetest little girls ever. She is full of kisses, flops over for belly rubs, and loves to snuggle. Her Mama Mya, comes from our own Tinkerbella. Both now retired. We're very happy with her first litter, of 2 little Yorkie girls, born to her and Romeo, in May 2017.  

Nikita          ~ Shorkie ~       8 lbs 7 oz 

Kita (kee-ta) is a sweetheart of a girl, with a calm and gentle nature. She adores her Mum (me) and lives to give me hugs & kisses. We are very excited to see more of her baby's, since her first 3 boys were adorable. With her gorgeous teddy bear looks, and wonderful personality, her baby's are exceptional as well... and averaging 5-8 lbs fully grown. Retiring 2018.

Lacey   ~ Maltese  ~     4 lbs 6 oz

Lacey is most definitely a true princess, in every sense. She prances everywhere, and I'm sure believes we all live to please her. She's very bright, cheerful, and is always up for high fives, and saying "I love you". So far Lacey has produced a litter of 4 adorable pure Maltese, and 1 super cute baby boy Morkie for us. All babies so far, have been 3-5 lbs grown. We can't wait to see her next litter. - Retiring in 2019. 

Ruby          ~ Shih-Tzu  ~           8 lbs 5 oz

Ruby is ckc registered, and was welcomed into our family, late fall of 2014. At just over 3 yrs old now, she's a super sweet girl. She's so very happy, loads of fun, and is excited to meet just about anyone. One of the most loving and devoted Mama's as well. Ruby has recently produced her 2nd litter of 5 super tiny, and adorable Shorkie puppes. All charting to be 4.5 - 7 lbs grown. We look forward to seeing what more she has in store for us!

 Missy          ~ Yorkshire Terrier  ~           5 lbs 6 oz

Missy comes from our own Molly & Tucker. She was born Summer of 2012. At just 6 yrs old, she's produced 4 litters of adorable puppies for us. She's a super outgoing, and friendly girl... that loves to be silly, and get belly rubs. Missy has a very sweet, and loving nature about her. She is happy to meet just about anyone, and offer kisses to who ever will accept them. So far, her babies have all been 3 - 6 lbs grown. Retiring in 2018.