Outdoor Training Your Puppy

Your puppy should already be completely pee-pad trained for this to work.

  • Step 1:

Move the puppy pads closer to the door that leads outside of your home only a few inches per day. It may take a few days before your puppy consistently pees on the puppy pad again, so be patient and continue with lots of praise. 

  • Step 2:
  • Once the pad is at or beside the doorway, begin by taking puppy outside when you see him circling or about to use the pad. He may at first not understand and be cautious, so patience is key. You can also try bring the pad outdoors with you, and place the pad on the ground. Allow your puppy to use the puppy pads outside, repeatedly placing the pad in the same location over the course of a few days if need be.
  • Step 3:

Remove the pad from your regular outdoor location but bring your puppy to that same spot. Use the same soothing voice and encouraging expressions you use when he pees on the pad to encourage him to go on the ground. Eventually your dog should learn that the proper place to go to the bathroom is outdoors, even without the use of the puppy pads.

  • Step 4:

Scold your puppy only if you catch her in the act of going to the bathroom inside without a puppy pad by saying "no" in a firm voice. Your puppy will not understand she is being scolded for the accident unless he hears it as it is happening. Scolding him at later time will only confuse the puppy and will not be effective in potty training.

Tips & Warnings

  • Confine your puppy to an area of the house where the floor is easy to clean, such as the a tiled or linoleum floor in the kitchen or bathroom, if you will not be around to bring him outside at a moment's notice to prevent him from going to the bathroom inside. Using a pee-pad indoors, as well as outdoor training can be very beneficial if your periods of time away are long. 
  • Never hit your puppy for having an accident or for any other reason!
  • Rubbing your puppy's nose in his accident is neither productive or a proper way of discipline. Pointing your finger and his nose toward it will only work if it's done directly at the time he's made the mistake.
  • Sometimes a bell hanging on the door knob can be a useful tool for training. Each time you open the door to take puppy out, give the bell a jingle and repeat the words pee-pee outside. Puppy will soon learn to jingle the bell himself when wanting out to do his business.
Please remember that puppy's live in the HERE & NOW, and will forget very quickly