Your puppy will have already been taught to use his/her pee-pads before leaving, but this guide will ensure your puppy's training will continue once in his new home. We want your first few days together to be happy ones, so we don't want new surroundings or the change of environment to disrupt or interfere with the training he already has.

1 - wire dog pen (x-pen) - 4-6 ft. long X 2 ft. wide X minimum of 2 ft high
1 - soft doggy bed
1 - package of pee-pads 
2 – ‘no tip’ dishes for food and water
1 – package of raw hide or chewy treats

Ideal puppy environment or penned area should be 4-6' long X 2' wide & high enough to prevent escape.  Place the dog bed in one end of the pen and the pee-pad at the other end. There should be as much space as possible between pee-pad and bed. Food & water dish should be placed closer to the bed, and avoid putting them near the pee-pad. 

Put puppy on the pee-pad immediately to start, and then always as soon as he wakes up, & after eating or drinking. Preferably at no more than 20-30 minute intervals. Always pick up the poop with toilet paper and flush away ASAP, since puppies will avoid going near it at all cost. Only take him out of his penned environment once he's done his business on the pad. Never keep puppy out of his pen for longer than 15-20 minute periods at a time. Try to avoid putting him on the floor or leaving him to roam the house, or room for more than a few minutes at a time.  Always put him back in the pen, and directly onto the pad... when you’re not tending to him.

The pads have a natural scent attraction that encourages puppy to use them. At first, change pad only 2-3 times a day, or after 3-4 pee spots.  Continue this pattern for a full 3 days, or until puppy will wake up in the pen and go to the pad by himself. Always praise and encourage him after he uses the pad. Try to be there each time he wakes up in the first day to guide him to the pad if need be. 

Keep puppy in the pen overnight so he will be able to relieve himself on his own. Your puppy will prefer peeing on the pad to anywhere else if he knows where the pad is.  This continued training should only take a day or two, but 3 days is best to ensure puppy is fully understanding.

Be consistent, talk nicely to puppy, and try to never scold.  Your puppy only wants to please you, so encouragement & praising when he does the right thing will really go a long way.

Congratulations! Your puppy is now pee-pad trained! As a follow up to his training, only slightly increase the area puppy is allowed to roam as he will continue to seek out hidden areas to relieve himself. Continue with your 15-20 minute limit outside of his pen time, and gradually increase this time as puppy gets older. Just like us humans, puppies tend to learn on an individual basis and at their own pace. He should be ready to explore & allowed to roam the entire house without any issues by 4-6 months of age.


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