Our Designer Yorkshire Terrier babies!

Shorkie's  &  Yoshi's

Shih-Tzu   X   Yorkie

Our girls produce some of the tiniest, and most lovable little babies ever!

averaging anywhere from 2.5 - 9 lbs fully grown

(size will mainly depend on which of our girls is Mom...)


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What are F1 or F2 Breeding ?

There are many different ways to breed a Shorkie, and here we explain the differences for you :

F1  -  First generation Shorkie =  Pure Shih tzu mom and Pure Yorkie dad, or the reverse.

F1B - Shorkie Bred to a purebred Shih tzu or Yorkie    (when bred to pure Yorkie, they are also recognized as Yoshi, Yo-Shi or Yoshie)

F2  -   Shorkie to Shorkie

Oreo's F1 Shorkie puppie's   (Pure ShihTzu bred to Pure Yorkie)
Both Ginger & Nikita's F1B Shorkie Puppie's,
or YoShi


 Please See Nursery for latest litters born!!

The early years...




Abby & Little-Mans second litter of Shorkie babies      3 girls   2 boys



Abby & Little-Man's first litter of adorable Shorkie babies    2 girls  1 boy