Thank you so much to all of our baby's new family's,

from the bottom of our hearts!

"" Testimonials below are excerpts, copied directly from actual updates sent to us! ""

-- -  - --

 Harper (Shorkie) is living in Ladysmith, BC with parents Shelly & Bob.

 Hi Tina,                                                                                                 Harper is doing amazing. She is smart and funny.  At 4 months she is   house trained, will sit, lay down, and stay on command. She is a   wonderful addition to our family! We adore her. xox  Thank you for   being so kind and caring. :)

-- -  - --

Hope (Shorkie) is living in Victoria, BC with parents Lori & Al.

Hi Tina,  Hope is doing amazing! She was right at home the first night. Sleeping through the nights, only 1 accident. All other times have been on the pee pad, or outside. She is more wonderful than we even thought possible. :)  It's amazing how she fit right in:))  The first time on her leash was a struggle, but now she struts her stuff. We are absolutely thrilled with her! Thank you so much for everything!!             Lori & Al.

Luna (Shorkie) is living in Mission, BC with Carolyn & family.

Carolyn's family adopted Bella from us 3 yrs ago. They came back, to adopt her baby Sister Luna. Carolyn writes: We are so very happy with our Luna, she is so adorable! She immediately used the pee pads, joy! Bella is loving having a partner to play with. They tumble and play constantly. I am so grateful to have a companion for Bella, and of course, our family is very in love with adorable little Luna. She actually stops traffic! I was walking downtown, and a car of girls had to stop in the road, to see her!! She is so gorgeous! Many thanks for raising such great pups! :)

 -- -  - --

Zeus (Yorkie) is living in Burnaby, BC with parents Belinda & Eddie.

"Tina,  Eddie and I were contemplating on perhaps looking on into getting another puppy so that Zeus has some company when we're at work. The idea   is also attractive to us since Zeus was SO EASY to adapt to and deal with!! Props to the breeder for that =)
So I figured I'd ask if you had any litters coming up??"

Baby Tank (Yorkie) lives in Vancouver, BC with Paul & Tanya.

"As for our little bundle of joy Tank, (whom we've taken to calling BamBam) I know that everyone thinks that their puppy is the cutest and the smartest, but mine really is! I've owned several Yorkies in my life, and I have never had a puppy like BamBam. He's potty trained so quickly, I've hardly had to do a thing. He isn't nervous or shaky around new people or new situations and best of all, when I put him in his room for the night he never whines or   barks. In point of fact, all the advice in the puppy training manuals has been for naught, because of the wonderful grounding he received from you. The moral of this story is, if anyone ever asks or wants an excellent puppy, I would say go to an excellent breeder who really loves and cares for their puppies like Tina does.
 I love BamBam more than I can possibly tell you - Thank you sooo much Tina!!! Much Love, Tanya, Paul and BamBam" 

 -- - - - --

Above is baby Toby, Dozers new little brother!

<Ava ~ Toby ~ Dozer

Dozer (Morkie) lives in Victoria with his parents Chris & Jessica.          They were so happy with Dozer, they came back and picked out his new little brother "Toby" for him to play with. Then a new human baby Sister came along for all of them... one big beautiful, very happy family now. =)

Layla (Shorkie) Lives with her Mommy Anna in New Zealand

"Layla is so very special and smart too. She has never had a single accident since I brought her home. She did really good with the big move and has adjusted well to our new home. Thank you again Tina for choosing me to have her. I really love her so much and she is my best  friend"

 -- - - - --

Mya  (Morkie) lives in with parents Renata & Danny, & their Yorkie

Hi Tina, As promised an update on Maya. She has been adapting extremely well and she is an utter joy to have around and she has filled our hearts with joy. We love her so much. Thank you, and we will keep you updated.     
Best Regards Danny & Renata

Rocky  (Shorkie)  Lives with his Mommy Diane, in Lillooet
Hi Tina.
Well my little boy is just precious. We adore each other and are glued to each other. He sleeps in bed with me and usually snuggles right into my neck or sometimes even lays on my head. We were meant for each other!!! He's such a happy little guy and always up for play time. I love him to bits and he is certainly my little buddy.
     Love to you, and all your babies!!!    Rocky & Diane

-- - - - --

Eddie (Morkie) lives with Erin, and her family in Kamloops                Hi Tina,
Thought we would give you a update on Eddie Van Hopkins (or Eddie Spaghetti as we call him sometimes) since he just celebrated his 1st B-day.  He is living the life! In the summer he enjoys playing in the park with his friends, daily walks and loves going to the beach where he can run free.  His personality is definitely a mix between Yorkie and Maltese.  He can sit, lay down, dance and roll over! There is no shortage of affection for little guy, and we couldn't imagine life without him.  He is just an awesome little dog.  Erin and family

 Bodhi   (Yorkie)   lives in Whitehorse, with her Mommy Ally  

Dear Mommy Tina
It's me Bodhi! I miss you, and I love you very much!
I love my Mommy Ally too, and we are having the bestest time ever.
She says Mommy Tina gave me so much love and training and attention that I am the sweetest, cuddliest, most precious Service Doggie Mommy Ally could ever ask for! 

Loves, Bodhi

 -- - - - --

Banner (Morkie) lives in Vancouver with parents Ben & Amy.

Hi Tina,  Just wanted to send you pictures of baby Banner.  He’s about 5.5lbs now and his adult teeth have just starting coming in.  He also graduated from his puppy training class a couple weeks ago.  Here a couple pictures of him during our engagement shoot last week. -Ben and Amy  :)

Zoe (Morkie) lives in Kamloops with Bonnie, and her BFF Kaylea

Hi Tina, I just wanted to send you some pictures of our Zoe! She is a great dog, and she has really bonded with our daughter Kaylea. They are so sweet together. We have a travel trailer, and every Friday, Zoe knows when it's time to go! She loves camping, swimming and playing with all the dogs at the campgrounds.  Take care. -Bonnie
-- - - - --

(Yoshi) lives in
Sechelt with his parents Georalyn & Paul

Have been meaning to get in touch with you to let you know everything is great with our now named Max.  We are having so much fun with him and everyone who he meets loves him. Just maybe getting a little spoiled. He's been to the Vets twice now for shots, deworming flea control and check up and all is well.  I will keep you updated.  Hope all is well with you.  Georalynn
Whitney    (Yorkie)   Lives with her Mommy Sarah in Victoria

Hi Tina! Whitney has grown up to be adorable,and my little bestie :) I absolutely LOVE her and so do all my family and friends. It's actually amazing how much joy she brings to people, especially when she can put a smile on someone's face who is going through a rough time. She is full of energy, but will lay on the couch and veg with me all night. She has no fear at all, is super friendly with animals and people and is relitively quiet, not barky. I'm having a hard time remembering what my life was like without her, how did I ever survive without puppy love?! I just love starting my day with puppy kisses and when she stretches its just the cutest thing! :)

 -- - - - --

Rhodee (Morkie) lives in Courtenay with his Mommy Rabs and family.

Mommy Rabs writes:

Rhodee and I are having just too much fun together.  He's on his third round of puppy classes and we're both loving it!  He's such a joy and has made my life complete.  He sleeps on his own bed beside mine...has a run of the house all amazingly cuddly and loving!  I am still sooooo happy to have him and he's happy as everyone who meets him tells me.  :)
Amy (Shorkie) lives in Parksville, BC with parents Barbara & Ernie 

Mommy Barbara writes:

Our little Amy; She has been very good, and is going outside to do potty on her own, walks very well, and enjoys meeting other dogs.  Ernie thinks that she is a chick magnet.  We are really enjoying her.
Thank you,   Barbara, Ernie and Amy

 -- - - - --

Maverick (Yorkie) Lives in Victoria with his Mommy Erin;

Hi Tina,
I adopted Maverick (born June 28) last year and he is fabulous. He is active, playful, snuggly, smart and just truly the light of my life! I would like to get a second yorkie and want to ask if you have any upcoming litters? My preference is to adopt one of Mavericks siblings or at least from the same human family :)
Cheers, Erin

 Bentley (Shorkie) lives in Port Alberni with his new family.

Thank you so much for our little treasure "Bentley", he will already be 3 mos ol
d on Aug.21st...he is truly a gem, very cute and cuddly, loves to give kisses and unbelievably smart!!!  We love him to bits and he has lots of love to give back....thank you so much Tina for  this wonderful new addition to our family, he fit in super great from day 1 and slept full nights from day 1 also...he's amazing!

 -- - - - --

Romo (Morkie) lives with his new family in White Rock, BC

Erin writes:

"Romo was everything we expected and more!!! He hasn't had one accident yet, he just goes straight to the pad! I am sooo impressed, you are obviously very good with them, he is so calm and loving and like you said, always wants to be picked up.  Thank you soo much for everything in the puppy kit and the blanket! He is so attached to the blanket and I'm glad he has something to remind him of his birth home.
  Romo, Erin & Brad " (hugz)
  Molie (Morkie) lives with her Mommy Marie in Victoria, BC

    Marie writes:

 Molie is doing just fine, and grown a bit at 1.2 kg now. Her hair color is changing to a beautiful golden. We get asked everywhere we go,  where I got Molie, and everyone finds her so very cute. She's going on a trip with me to Québec for 3 week in June! :)
Marie  and Molie

 -- - - - --

Everest (Yorkie) lives in Parksville with his family.

Mommy Britt writes:   We thought you might like to see how big Everest is getting. He thinks he is pretty funny, that he can jump on top of his kennel now!  He loves racing around the back yard and is quite fond of the frizz-bee!  He was 4 lbs at his last vet visit, and we just had his eye hair trimmed and his nails clipped. He is really such a great little guy!

  Bitsi  (Morkie) lives in Victoria with her Mommy Ann.         

Ann writes:   She fit in like she had lived here forever. She is my boss for sure, demands a handful of food on her blankie when I eat, so she is eating near me. She sleeps in bed with me, and has been a perfect little angel all night. She is loved and spoiled already, she is MY boss.  Gave her a kiss for you.  Thanks, Ann

 -- - - - --

Pippi (Morkie) lives in Lanzville with her family Bob & Hinako.

Daddy Bob writes:       Have been meaning to give you an update on our little girl. Her new name is Pippi. We have all fallen head over heels in love with her...she is an amazing dog! We are just so pleased with Pippin words cannot describe. I have recommended you to friends.                                                          Will keep in touch, best regards Bob and Hinako

Ziggy (Morkie) lives in Victoria with parents Whitney & Brian.

...we love him sooo much! He could not be a better fit for Brian and I :) He is just under 6lbs now, and is as cute as could be! He loves puppy school, getting haircuts & baths, and playing outside. Ziggy is amazing with car rides and road trips and he is more than spoiled at home, as well as at Grandmas house. He is getting really good at walks now, and very well behaved with other dogs. He's a smart little cookie :)

 -- - - - --

Mimzy (Morkie) lives in Comox with her family... Dawn, Chris, Kayla & Tessa.  

Dawn writes : "She is the most amazing dog we have ever had! We love her to peices and beyond! She is sooooo special to all of our family, I can't even begin to tell you. Her personality is to die for......holy, what a little human she is!  Talk about a shadow, she leaves not a foot between us and her at all times, she is sleeping on my legs below my lap^top as i speak   I love her sooooooo much, thank you!!!!!!."


Willie (Yorkie) lives with his parents Dan & Geraldine in Victoria. Geraldine writes :

"Willie is probably one of the best behaved Yorkshire Terriers around. He has completed 3 rounds of obedience training, full of beans, the clown of the class as well as the star!! Their isn't a trick he won't try, and usually masters. He adores kids, and has one of the kindest natures I've ever seen. I have 5 grandchildren and he is a very gentle, fun-loving dog and has never reacted to the constant chasing and cuddles that they give him.  Willie is a great family dog. He is also very smart.."


 -- - - - --

Chase (Yorkie) lives in Vancouver with Patti & family.      

Patty writes:  Things are going so well.  He is such a good puppy, at night too! A few shots of  the well adjusted little dude. Seems to like stuffed animals - regardless of  size.  

Thank you again Tina           

Rosie   (Yoshi)   lives in Vancouver with Kristen & family       Rosie is loving her new home, and is adapting very well. She is already spoilt with  affection! One of the cats doesn't mind her and they even snuggle up together sometimes She is very playful, affectionate, and silly  just like you said!   Thanks, -Kristen, Arey & Rosie

 -- - - - --

Stella (Yorkie) lives in White Rock with Kyler & Natalee

Hi Tina, Thought we would send you a quick update and photo of Stella, who is now 9 months old. She's around 4.5 pounds, though she thinks she's much bigger, and has a beautiful black body and is bright red in the face and legs. Her hair is incredibly soft and the groomer loves to style her pony tails. She is very curious and playful, and has been an excellent addition to our family. She has an absolutely wonderful temperament and is constantly happy.  All the best in the New Year!

Kyler & Natalee

 Finnegan (Yorkie) lives in Victoria, with Denise and family

Hi Tina,  Just thought I’d send you some photos of Finn.  He is such a sweetheart and we are SO in love with him!  He is very relaxed, outgoing and curious; he loves to give kisses and he thinks he’s pretty clever when he runs off with a sock from the laundry pile!  I want to compliment you on how well he has been socialized.  Finn definitely knew his name, and we’re pretty sure he knows ‘sit’. He is sleeping through the night, about 8 hours, much to my surprise;  Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job at what you do. Finnegan has enriched our lives so much already…I’ve forgotten what life was like before we had him! He's  2.2 lbs now.  Take care, Denise


London (Yorkie) lives with her new Mommy, Ashley in Duncan, BC.

Ashley writes:

"Just wanted to check in to tell you London is the most amazing little girl. She is still very small weighing 2.4 lbs. (7 mths) London is so amazing and has a firey big personaily and very faithful and cuddly. Thank you again Tina, she is loved by so many people."

  Tawny (Yorkie) lives in Nanaimo, BC with her lovely family            

She is doing absolutely wonderful, and grown into a wonderful little four pound treasure. ~ Her family adores her, and she's an extremely smart little girl they say. :-)

 -- - - - --

 Milla (Yorkie) lives in the Okanagan with Jo-Ann & her family

Jo-Ann writes : Oh my goodness. What a doll. She was fantastic on the trip. Slept through the night, and only whined twice. A little slow on the potty training, but she does ring the bell to go outside now. She is a ball of fun and a great part of our Family. Even our other dog likes her too. She is so amazing.      So thank you thank you thank you!

 Rypien (Shorkie) lives in Nanaimo with Karlie & Chad                     

Hi Tina,  Rypien is doing very well, and is all the stinker you said he would be, but we love it. =)    Karlie and Chad 

 -- - - - --

Sandy (Morkie) lives in Victoria, with *his family Dave Colette, & Sam

Sandy is doing great! Settling right in and is just adorable, loving,   but yes a handful...but so much fun! Samantha just adores him and spends lots of time with him and is so good to him, just a perfect fit!   I really do appreciate what you have done for my family!!! Thanks again, you guys are awesome.      Dave, Colette, Samantha and Sandy

Cocoa (Yoshi) lives in Van, and travels with her Mom Jericho

My lil Cocoa is doing amazing! Extremely smart, too smart for her own good sometimes lol and matches my personality to a T.  She's an excellent traveller and gets along well with everyone.  I went to clean out her house and found all my socks! They're bigger than she is! She's so funny. She's probably about 3 pounds now, she's a tiny lil girl :) Almost thinking of       getting her a lil sister or brother in the future :)                                                   Warmest regards, Jericho

 -- - - - --

Rory (Shorkie) lives in Nanoose with Trish & family   

Hi Tina, just wanted to share a picture of Rory after his first grooming today. They said he did great. He has fit perfectly into our family and is so loved by us all. He and our older dog Neely fit together perfectly, and love cuddling up together for naps, and play constantly. Rory is about to graduate from puppy kindergarten next week, and is a joy. Hope all is well in your world, thanks again for our sweet little boy!     Trish

  Bexi (Yoshi) lives in Tsawwassen with her family Colleen, Dev & Brie

  Hi Tina & family!!!!
  Bexi is doing wonderfully! :)
  She is eating/drinking/sleeping well, and a lap addict! She even climbs   on your lap to play with toys, ha ha. She is 100% cuddly/kissy. And doing  great so far with her pee-pad!  She is so well-socialized and friendly, we  cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you have done!!!  We are so  in love :)     xoxoxo Colleen, Dev, Brie, & baby Bexi 

                                                                                                                                 -- - - - --

Beau (Yorkie) lives in Surrey, with his Parents Connie & Dario

Hi Tina;  Happy New Year to you and your family!  I thought you would like to know how well 'Beau' is doing, and how much we are enjoying him! Growing, and lots of personality ;)  Our other dogs are warming up to Bo, as he is undaunted by their aloofness. He won't take no for an answer. We have so many laughs about all the cute things he does, and how he has managed to take over the family room!
He seems very healthy and happy; so thanks again for such a wonderful
little pet.        Cheers, Connie & Dario & Beau

Bella (Morkie)  in Prince George, with her family & BFF Emma

Hi Tina,  Bella is the best dog ever, she loves everyone, especially kids. Bella loves going for walks, she loves the snow, and she sleeps with me every night. Her favourite game is tug of war and she loves to cuddle. She spends her summers in Peachland and loves swimming and going for boat rides. From Emma, Tonia, and Aaron

 -- - - - --

Lola  (Yorkie)  lives in Nanaimo, with her Momma Kiera, and family

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Lola! You are the best puppy in the whole entire world!  
*Yorkie Treasures are amazing, and such a great breeder!                  Lola is so calm and well demeanoured!     Check them out!

Abbie  (Morkie)  lives in Coquitlam, with her Parents Jim & Linda

Hi Tina,  Just a short update on our little Abbie. Our vet was very pleased with her and said she is very healthy (which we already new). she now weighs 3.4 lbs. She is such a great addition to our family. She is amazing on the leash, it's like she has always walked on one. She is very good with her pee pad training. She slept with no whining. Also if I hear of any of my family or friends looking for a very small puppy I will definitely recommend you to them. You have done a fantastic job with raising Abbie.      Linda, Jim, Milo and Abbie  

-- - - - --

Cooper  (Yoshi)  lives   in  Vancouver, with his  Momma Carolyn

Hi Tina,
We are having such a great time. Doing great at potty training. Can run up and down stairs like a pro. Loves everyone.
I can't even tell you how much I love's ridiculous. And he's soooo popular. All the people in my building already know him and ask about him. (a photo above, now at 6 months old)

Nika (Shorkie) lives on Van Isl. with Parents, Rachel & Paul

Hi Tina; We have a little one (Nika) we got from you years ago, she is 5 now and as healthy as can be! We love her to bits!!
We are looking to move to a larger home and would love to adopt another from you. We would be looking to get a pup in a year or two but would like to be put on your wait list so we don't miss our chance when we are ready. Thanks so much!
- Rachel & Paul, and Nika

 -- - - - --

Feebee (Morkie) lives in Lake Cowichan with her BFF Katie & family

Hi Tina.
It's been a couple years since I last been in contact. We adopted Febee for my daughter from you. (a little morkie girl)  She is wonderful! Very loving and cuddly. A real joy to have in our family. I'm looking for another pup. This one will be more for me. I love the tiny ones. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Cherie

Norman  (Yoshi)  lives   in  Nanaimo, with Michelle & family 
Thought I’d send a Norman pup-date. After bringing Norman into bed one night while I was reading, I fell asleep and we both slept till morning. We gave it another try for the last two nights and not a single accident in our bed. Smart little guy. Rudy and Norman are building a relationship that is rather cute. Norman was coming when I called him already (huge thanks to you) so he knows to sit for his treats. Norman is certainly a well rounded up pup.  :)

 -- - - - --

Theo (Morkie) lives in Squamish with his Momma Karell, & family

Hi Tina.                                                                                            Just another little update. He is doing great. Theo just had his 3rd round of shots on Tuesday and currently weighs 3.6 lbs.  He is a sweet little guy. Very nose oriented, and LOVES to be outside. By the way, Theo's favourite toy, and he has many, is by far the empty 5 hour energy container you sent him home with. He loves that thing - it looks like a baby bottle when he chews it.   Take care!  Karell

(F1b Morkie) lives in Vancouver with Mommy Brenda & Shamira  
Hi Mummy Tina!
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well Molly is doing.
She is a true joy and we are enjoying her immensely! She is very used to the car as she goes with us everywhere, as well as the clinic (where she is a star!) and she's doing great in her puppy classes, where she loves her new friends so much, she sometimes forgets what she’s doing! She is really smart and sits and goes to her bed upon command.
She's 3 lbs now and all is clear and good with the vet.

 -- - - - --

Coco (F1b Morkie) lives in Vancouver with Momma Ellie, & Dad Alex 

Hello Tina,
It's been a while and I wanted to send you a short update of Coco. She quickly became the most important thing in our lives and gives us so much joy! She is an amazing little puppy. She is super cuddly and smart, learns tricks so quickly. Potty training was quick and she is very sociable. I bring her to visit at the daycare I work and she loves playing with the kids. I am attaching few photos of her. Hope all is well.  =)

Louis   (Yoshi)   travels the world with his parents Barb & Ken 

Hi Tina,
Still in Houston for now.
Last week he was neutered in preparation for us moving overseas to Angola Africa. He has been such a blessing and we love him so much. The picture is him in Whistler over the Christmas holidays - he had great fun playing with my son's dog Berkley. Louis is just over 6 lbs.  Take care.   :)

  -- - - - --

Gus   (Yorkie)  lives in Nanaimo,  with his DJ 'ing Momma, Gillian

Hey Tina! Gus is doing SO well! I love him so so so sooooo much! He's so darn sweet and LOVES to play! We go out everyday and he runs after his tennis ball, he sleeps in my bed most nights but sometimes prefers to just curl up in one of his cozy beds in my room. Everyone that meets him loves him immediately. He makes me laugh all the time! Thank you!   Gillian and Gus

 Willow  (Yorkie)  in Campbell River,  with Dad Steve & Mom Alice

Hi Tina, Just thought I’d drop a line and let you know little Willow has adjusted very well and very quickly to her new pack J  Right from the time we got her home she has been eating and drinking, playing and sleeping, no problems at all.  Very inquisitive and quite smart. She has slept through the night since we brought her home. She is an absolute joy to have around.    Cheers, Steve.  :)


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