This page will be dedicated to all of our Beautiful Retired Fur-Babies.

Since we owe it to them, for making Yorkie-Treasures what it is for us today.



*ABBY -  Purebred Shih-Tzu  -  8.5 lbs  - 
Mommy to our Ginger, and Grandma to Sassy
Abby is a truly devoted Momma's girl, and will remain with us as our beloved pet. She is very happy go lucky, and a real cuddle bug. She loves to meet everyone, and enjoys our walks. Abby loved being a Mama, and is now a fantastic Grandma, to all of our puppies. She's the matriarch of the house hold, and does a great job of keeping everyone in line for us. She's also very protective of the car, so we always bring her with us, if ever concerned about theft.

*TUCKER  - Purebred Yorkshire Terrier  -  4.5 lbs  -
Daddy to our late Niko,
Tucker came to us as a 2 yr old adult, and purchased to be used as our main stud. He originally comes from the United States, and became the best stud we've ever known. I'd say "do your job" and he'd get right to it. He's now retired of course, and nearly 10 yrs old. Although he still acts like a 6 month old puppy, and has . He's super outgoing, and truly believes he's 10 feet tall. Tucker will remain with us during retirement, since we don't have the heart to let him go at such a late age. So he's another one of our furever baby's.

Purebred Yorkshire Terrier  - 5 lbs -
Momma to our late Niko.
Sarah was purchased from another breeder, as a 15 month old. She was very shy, and apparently never properly socialized. However she became a social bunny in no time, and a wonderful Momma too. She was forced into early retirement, due to a difficult birthing experience. We found Sarah a great new home, with a distant family member shortly after. Sarah will always have a special place in our hearts, and we will miss her dearly. It was reported to us, that she was recently hit by a car, and is no longer with us. RIP my beautiful little baby girl.

- Purebred Yorkshire Terrier  - 6.5 lbs -
Daddy to Ginger, and Grandpa to Sassy
Little-Man is by far the sweetest, and has the most gentle nature. He's super loving, and quite the comical boy at times too. Loved making us laugh, and brought so much joy into our home. Sadly, his larger size prevented us from using his services for many of our tiny girls. So we opted to retire him early. He now lives with a wonderful family on the mainland. We miss him dearly, but know his new family is loving him as much as we do.

*Lilly  - Purebred Yorkshire Terrier  - 4 lbs  -
My first Yorkie baby ever, and appropriately nick named... silly Lilly. She loved to smile on command, and when ever she felt like making us laugh. Lilly had only one puppy for us to start, and was retired after her first real litter. Sadly, due to an inexperienced emergency Vet performing the c-section delivery, Lilly's organs had dried & fused together. We found this out during her spay, only 6 months later. Lilly died due to these complications, at just 4 yrs old. Her death was incredibly heartbreaking for us. This had us questioning our future with breeding, and if we had the heart to continue. We feel Lilly would have wanted us to continue, since she adored the babies. RIP our little sweetheart. Momma will never forget the joy you gave us, or the love you showed. Our memories of you, will be forever treasured.       
*SHYLAH  -   Pure Maltese  -   8.5 lbs
Shylah came to us as a tiny, fluffy 8 week old puppy. She grew to nearly twice the size she should have, and outgrew all of her family members. We were ok with that, since her babies all remained tiny. She is such a happy, fun loving girl. Shylah had 3 litters for us, before retiring. As much as she loved to play with the puppies once older, she really didn't seem to enjoy Motherhood. She did a great job of raising them, but we could see that her heart wasn't in it. She now lives with a fantastic family, and is loving life with with her human kids. They take her everywhere with them, and we still get regular updates. She's still just as silly, and fun loving as always. We really miss her antics around here.   

*MOLLY  Purebred Brazilian Yorkshire Terrier  -  6 lbs -
Molly came to us, from a family who had imported her into Canada from Brazil.
She has the most stunning coat ever, and a teddy bear bear face to die for. She had two litters for us, and each were by c-section. We decided to retire her early, since natural birthing was proving to be too difficult for her. She was a fantastic Momma, and we kept her largest baby girl Missy. We're hopeful Missy will go on to create the looks, and personality her Momma has. Molly was the most playful, outgoing dog we've ever owned. This little girl is all about having fun. Molly moved on to live with a wonderful new family. We've not heard much about her in the last year, but latest news... she was doing really well, and loving her new life. We really miss her snuggling with us at bedtime.
*LOLA  -  Purebred Chihuahua  - 4 lbs -