please see nursery and available puppy pages to find any baby's left looking for new homes.

Up-n-coming litters for 2019...


  Please watch for the Birth announcements on our nursery page...


Our girls are never forced to breed. They are brought into their own private area, and offered the opportunity, while being monitored.

*-Bred girls below  ~ conception is confirmed;  unless otherwise stated:

 Up and coming litters  *  Our only litters for this year are listed below  ***

  Puppies for this year - are expected to be Born


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All litters for the year of 2018, have been announced above.

The litters we mention above, will be our only litters coming available for the year.

Our breeding period is usually limited, to only a few summer months each year, 

so please don't hesitate to be placed on our  wait  list.

Puppies will generally be available 'periodically' through the months of April to August.

We prefer to have limited litters at a time, to ensure lot's of quality 1 on 1 time with each baby.

Puppies will not be available for adoption, during any gifting holiday periods.


Please see Nursery for more details on litters after babies are born!