" Our  Wait  List "

we believe in quality, not quantity ...producing 2-4 litters each summer only.


Please request our *QUESTIONNAIRE; to be placed our *WAIT LIST for 2019 summer litters!

The girls have now delivered our only litters for this (2018) year!

This page will help us... to determine which Yorkie, or designer Yorkie litter, to breed for next season....
....it will also help you, with holding your position in line... for our birth announcements.

These lists do not guarantee adoption... since the screening process is not complete ~ until we've met you in person.

Please Note ~ ALL PUPPY'S ADOPTED out as PET only!   STRICT SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT in place.  Absolutely NO Breeders! 

"Disclaimer" Puppies pictured below are from previous litters, and are meant only as a visual aid...

*Each puppy is unique, and obviously not all will look exactly alike. Shorkie's, F1b Morkie's, and Yo-Shi's are able to produce multiple coat colors, and type.
...although I use the term loosely, *** any dog under 6 pounds, is considered a tea cup.

SIZES OFFERED ***   Micro  = under 4 lbs (Rare!)       Tiny = 4 to 5.4 lbs.       Average = 5.5 to 6.4 lbs       Large =  6.5 to 8+ lbs  

Please see our Testimonial, and other pages, for additional puppy pictures of each breed.
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            Micro to Average
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Next Litter  - summer 2019

            Micro to Average
         MALTESE  x  YORKIE    = 
*  *  *

Litters born - June 10th 2018

               Tiny to Large
1/2 SHIH-TZU  x  1/2 YORKIE   =    Shorkie
*  *  *

Next Litter - Summer 2019

                 Average to Large
3/4 YORKIE  x  1/4 SHIH-TZU  =   
*  *  *

 Litter born - June12th 2018

          SUMMER  2019

 1) John & Karen C. in W. Van                   Preference ~  M/f                   
 2)Kirsten C. (Gino) in Vic.                       Preference ~  micro-tiny          
 3)Evon Khor    in  Port Moody
       Preference ~  Male                   
 4)Karen S.  in  Victoria                              Preference ~  Fem Lg.
                   SUMMER  2019 

 1) John & Karen C.  in West Van                   Preference ~  Male / fem. 

 2)Christine McK.  in Victoria                     Preference ~  F 4-6 lbs

 3Kirsten C. (Gino)  in  Victoria                  Preference ~  micro-tiny

  4)Daisy  Y.  in  Richmond                              Preference ~  Male              5) Sandra W.  in Penticton
             Preference ~ none
  6)Sue  M.    in  Victoria                                    Preference ~ none
  7)Sara  S.    in  Vancouver                                Preference ~ Fem              8) Rob & Donna R. in Saanichton                      Preference ~ Tiny 

SUMMER  2019

1) Christine McK.  in Victoria          Preference ~  F ave 2019?

2) Bonnie  S.  in  Sooke                     Preference  ~ Male ave-lg


 1) Tammy K. in  C. River                            Preference - Female   

 2)Kirsten C. (Gino)  in  Victoria               Preference ~ micro-tiny

 3)Bonnie  S.  in  Sooke                              Preference ~ Male ave-lg

Although our Lists may appear very full at times... some have placed their names on more than one list.

Everyone is welcome to place their name on as many of the lists as they choose.

Keep in mind however... we have only a few litters  per year, so "more preferences" can potentially mean a longer wait time.


NO SHIPPING ~ We prefer to meet our new families in person! 

Notifications will be sent out, once a puppy meeting your preferences becomes available.
 You will have 48 hours to respond to the
notification that you receive from us, and or birth announcement.
If we've not heard back from you, within the 48 hr period; we'll move to the next person in line, and
remove your name from the list.
This is providing there are others waiting in line behind you, of course. 

Once you've been accepted as a suitable home, we will hold your puppy for you, until 3 weeks of age.

Deposit will be accepted, and required, only after your puppy reaches 3 weeks of age.

This extra time offers everyone the opportunity to see puppies with eye's open... prior to fully committing.

 * * * * *

NOTE : Only the commitment of a deposit, will hold your puppy beyond 3 weeks of age






Please feel free to e-mail, and request to be placed on, or removed from our wait list....  yorkiegems@gmail.com

NOTE:  Obviously we can not promise, or guarantee, that your preferences will all be met, but we will do our very best for you.